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Monday, 22 January 2018

Paul & Joe Beaute: April in Paris Collection Part 1

Paul & Joe Beaute create cosmetic collections that are not only great quality products but also have gorgeous collectible packaging which is unusual and too pretty to use! The Paris in April Spring 2018 collection is no exception. Their face powders are mini records with cat and flower record sleeves whilst the limited edition eyeshadow, blusher  and lipstick cases cases continue the cat and flower theme.  There are also three limited edition sheer lipsticks and nail varnishes (reviewed in part 2).


Paul & Joe are known for imprinting makeup into thin layers and then using it creatively.  The limited edition face powders have been made into mini records which can be stored in the mini record sleeves.  The records come in sets of 3 and are £16.  The record vinyl (protective plastic)  is peeled back to get to the face powder pigment which has been sprayed on to the card.  The plastic does stick back down very easily once it has been used.  The selection of colours does veer towards pink apart from the pop of olive colour. Some of the colours seemed glittery whilst the greens/olive has a golden sheen to it.  They are quite soft and pigmented, so you don't need to use much to get a good wash of colour.  According to the description on Amazon UK, you get around 30 uses per card. These are great for travel as they are   Flat, small, light and multi use.  If you were desperate you could even use the pink shades as lipstick and put some lip balm over the top!


I purchased these items myself.
Paul and Joe Beaute are stocked at:
Amazon UK


Friday, 19 January 2018

Win an Alex Monroe Sterling Silver Snowdrop Cameo Pendant

I purchased this Alex Monroe Sterling Silver Snowdrop Cameo Pendant from Brand Alley to use as a competition prize.  The frame of the pendant is made from a pearl wire and the Snowdrop itself is multidimensional. The pendant measures 2cmx1.5cm. The chain in extendable, 16-18".  It is made from sterling silver. original RRP £114.   It does not come with a box or pouch. 
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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Kneipp Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salt

Kneipp was founded in 1891 by Priest Sebastian Kneipp.  Combining colour and aromatherapy to create the ultimate holistic experience,  Kneipp Valerian and Hops Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salt is made with thermal mineral bath salt and the essential oils of Valerian Root and Hops extract.  The Salt is supposed to slow down your racing, over stimulated mind and promote a deep, restorative unbroken sleep.  The bath crystals turn the water blue.  This is not just for aesthetic purposes.  Kneipp uses colour therapy as well as aromatherapy and blue with its cooler tones helps promote relaxation, peace and serenity.  Blue is also used to help with insomnia as it is supposed to calm the mind and promote sleep.

I found my bath relaxing. I enjoyed the blue water, I felt as though I was on a large relaxing pool, not  a small cramped bath,  and I did feel calm and relaxed after a hard day sales shopping in Manchester! and I did get a good night's sleep. It wasn't unbroken but that is down to the amount of pain I am in and the fact I have to wake up to turn over. I did feel more refreshed the next morning. I haven't had an unbroken night of sleep in 18 years since I broke my neck so I wasn't expecting a like changing miracle but I was pleasantly surprised by how much benefit I got from using these salts. The downside to these salts is the smell.  They have citronella in them which can be overpowering and bit off putting. I put some lavender salt in to hide the smell.

Available from:
Amazon UK - £8.95 500g

Kneipp Balancing Lavender Bath Salt

I love a hot bath and trying out new relaxing bath products which have long lasting effects and Kneipp  make some of the best bath products that work for me.  As mentioned in a previous blog post reviewing Kneipp stress free bath oil I have numerous health/spinal problems and some of the symptoms can be alleviated for a few hours through the combination of a  hot bath and the right products.

The balancing lavender bath salts are £1.95 for a 60g sachet or £8.95 for a 500g jar from Holland and Barrett. I love the sachets for travelling (not as heavy and less chance of breakage or spillage) or for trying out new products (cheaper in case I don't like it).  The lavender bath salts are made with natural, essential oils of lavender.  The salts are intended to "balance emotion, lift spirits and restore strength and vitality".  The bath crystals are also high in trace minerals which are absorbed by the body as you soak in the bath.

The bath salts had a true lavender rather than an artificial chemical aroma. They left me feeling relaxed and my skin feeling exfoliated, toned and moisturised.  I did not need to use any perfumed products after my bath as the lavender smell lingered for quite a few hours.  I would buy the full Jar and continue to use these salts.

Available from:
Amazon UK

Monday, 15 January 2018

Vintage Style Triangular Brass & Glass Jewellery Box

Purchased this vintage style brass and glass open fronted jewellery box from EBay UK.  It cost £14.79 and was from a Chinese seller. The item arrived within 3 weeks, which was well within the estimated time scale, was well packaged in polystyrene and a box and the seller told me when it was posted etc. 

The box has two layers or display areas.  The whole case measures 15x15x20 cm and the top tier 9x9cm. The box could also be used as a display case for very small ornaments - although the triangular shape means that the glass sides make the space narrower towards the top and it may be difficult to fit items in. 

I like the item, the customer service and delivery were great. I would not hesitate to recommend this item to others. 

I purchased the item myself and all views expressed in this blog post are my own . 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Small Rectangular Glass Box

This small rectangular glass and brass box is from the Danish interior design company Madame Stolz and purchased from Posh Totty Designs. The box costs £6 with free P&P on all UK orders.   It measures 3.5(H)x8.5 (W)x6cm(D).  It has a vintage feel to it and is both functional and attractive - it can be used to store keys, jewellery coins etc.  (I use mine for instagram/Jewellery photos). 

I bought mine before Christmas and it arrived within a few days. It was carefully packaged. 

I purchased the item myself , It is available  here

Metallic Purple Handbag Sized Folding Walking Stick by Charles Buyers

This is an update of the previous review I did on this walking stick when I first started my blog. My original review can be found here.  The stick still costs )24.95 plus postage. I still enjoy using this stick, so much so that I have also purchased it in in black.  I also have purchased several more in both colours to use personalise my own walking sticks.  I find the handle comfortable to hold - my hands are only small so sometimes the handles are to big to comfortably grip for long periods of time.  The stick itself is lightweight and sturdy. My original stick still looks pristine and the colour hasn't chipped off despite being dropped on numerous occasions. 

I still purchase these, and all my other walking sticks from the stick and cane shop as they provide excellent  customer service and will advise which sticks can be adapted to my height. 

I purchased this item myself.