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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

#Win Harry Potter Hedwig Crossbody Bag & Purse


Primark have a range of officially licenced Harry Potter products.  Recent additions to this s range include these glitter faux leather Hedwig purse and crossbody bag.  The purse measures 10x11.8cm and costs £3, the bag 22.5x18.5cm and costs £6. The front is glittery whilst the back is an ivory faux leather with "Harry Potter" emblazoned across it.  The purse does not fit in the bag. There are also quite a few sellers on EBay who have these items at reasonable prices. To win your own Hedwig set just follow these instructions:
1 follow @susan1375 on Twitter 
2 retweet the post with the photo of the items on it here
3 open internationally
4 For an extra entry follow this blog by bloglovin, email or follow and leave a comment below, 
C/d 1 March 11.59pm GMT

Z For Accessorize Semi Precious Stone Cluster Ring

The new spring Z for Accessorize range is out now and this semi precious stone cluster gold plated ring (£19) is one of the two pieces that caught my eye. The stones are different shades of labradorite set in a claw setting. It is gold plated.   It looks as though it is a stacking ring but it isn't - the rings are fused together.  It is comfortable to wear and the stones don't catch on jumpers etc.  It doesn't scream spring at me, the colours seem rather Autumn/Winter, but I do like it, I just wish they would create some vermeil or Sterling my silver pieces in this range as the plating wears off quite quickly due to increased skin acidity  caused by my Fentynl patches. 

Available online, in store and Accessorize stockists.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Kay Reed: Recycled Polar Bear Pendant

I was lucky enough to win a recycled Sterling silver polar bear pendant made by Kay Reed during Pebble magazine's Christmas twitter competitions.

Kay Reed is an eco silversmith who specialises in creating  items of jewellery which raise awareness about endangered animals and their habitats.  Her jewellery is ethically and environmentally friendly. She uses reclaimed and recycled silver gems and diamonds which are less harmful to the environment and have a lower social impact than if she used newly mined metals. 10% of sales are donated to the World Land Trust, Bite Back and Nottingham Wildlife Trust.  All packaging is reclaimed or sourced from sustainable resources and made by companies' with responsible, ethical principles.  Pebble magazine is an ethical online magazine focusing lifestyle, conservation, ecological issues and fun.

The polar bear Pendant in recycled sterling silver is £60.  It is hung on a 45cm sterling silver belcher chain and the pendant measures 21x17x3mm.  It is hallmarked and comes with an information card and presented in a gift box.  It is comfortable to wear as the back is completely flat and it is light. The clasp is quite large and is easy to grip and fasten. The pendant is unusual and allows you to become a mini ambassador for polar bears as it is an eye catching piece of jewellery and can definitely spark conversations around the need for conservation in this area.  The pendant also comes in recycled 9ct gold (£280).  The matching recycled Sterling silver polar bear bracelet is also £60.

I hadn't heard of Kay Reed's conservation lead jewellery designs until I entered Pebble's competition. It is impressive that such a small company has thought through every aspect of design, manufacture and presentation of her jewellery so it is all ethically and socially responsible, especially when fast and disposable fashion is becoming the norm.  I love her dedication to conservation and shall certainly be saving up for the hedgehog pendant as I have a visiting hog called Horace (once I have bought her a new hog house).

I won this Pendant but this has not influenced my review.

Available from:
Kaye Reed

Pebble Magazine

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Stackers Grey Cone Jewellery Peak

I was lucky enough to win a Stackers Peak in grey from Lisa Angel through a Twitter competition.  Lisa Angel are an online jewellery and gift store, selling affordable items that are gorgeous and certain items can be personalised.

I have the large Grey Cone Jewellery Peak (£18).  It is made of Resin and so is quite heavy. It measures 12.5x7.5x7.5 cm. The lids and bases are interchangeable.  It has a hidden compartment on n the base of the Peak and bracelets, rings an watches can be displayed around the peak.  It is a innovative and attractive design.  The hidden compartment allows smaller items to be discretly hidden away, ensuring not clutter or lost items due to a certain cat helpfully tidying  sparkly items into his bed!

Stackers Jewellery boxes are a great way to both personalise and create your ideal jewellery box. There are a variety of styles, colours and designs  enabling you to build, customise and create your own jewellery box suited to your needs. The separate components are reasonable priced ranging from around £10 to £35. As your jewellery collection grows and your needs change, new layers can be stacked on top or customised to your jewellery's needs adding charm bars,  watch pads, ring rolls or travel jewellery boxes as they are designed to fit seamless together.  They don't look over done, cluttered or gawdy but instead they look expensive, understated and have a minimalist feel about them. The lids and boxes are interchangeable and the lids can be personalised. Stackers have updated, reinvented and brought the traditional jewellery box into the 21 Century creating a flexible alternative which can be built upon and redesigned as your jewellery collection expands.

I won this item but this does not affect my review. I think Stackers are a great concept and I will be purchasing some more to house my own growing collection of jewellery.

Lisa Angel


Monday, 12 February 2018

Turtle Doves Lucky Dip Recycled Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

Turtle Doves is a British company that designs and creates cashmere accessories from  recycled accessories in the heart of Shropshire.   The wool is sourced from charity shops,  their new gloves are n exchange for an old sweater scheme and textile merchants.  The business was started in 2009 by Kate Holbrook and has expanded from a business based in her home to a business employing over 20 people, some of whom had lost their seamstress jobs in the 1990s when Laura Ashley moved their operations overseas.  

I follow Turtle Doves on Instagram and saw they had a lucky dip offer on their fingerless gloves - £29 down to £19.  I bought a pair for my mum to wear as she has suffered for years from rehumatoid arthritis in her hands and when it is cold she has no feeling on her hands and they are very painful.  The gloves arrived nicely boxed (recycled of course as is the brown wrapper) within 3 days of ordering them.

She has been wearing them constantly since she got them and her feedback is that they are really comfortable and soft and warm.  She cannot feel any seams rubbing her wrists (some of her cheaper gloves do she this).  They are a lovely muted burnt orange colour, which she likes, and she has already decided what colour she wants next. They are very light and not bulky to wear which are extremely important considerations when buying gloves for anyone who has arthritis or has problems with their hands as if they are too bulky or feel too heavy they are uncomfortable to wear.  I have also tried them on (I have neuropathic pain in my hands) and found them comfortable and could still grip my walking stick handle properly and my mum could still hold her stylus to do her crossword or surf the internet on her tablet. The gloves are quite long so there is no gap,  and potential for chilly wrists, between the gloves and jumper/coat arms.  As she wears them all the time she is pleased that they look quite discrete and elegant and so not look as though she just forgot to take her gloves off and needs reminding to do so.  They do fit a wide range of hand sizes.  My hands are child size but they fit my mum's hands just as well and didn't go baggy when I wore a hen after she had had them on for a few hours.

I love Turtle Doves' ethos and products.  The products are gorgeous and in their own small way make a stand against the fast fashion, throw away society which is becoming the norm. I just wish they made actual jumpers as well!  

Lucky Dip Gloves Available: Here (whilst stocks last).

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Sticks & Stones: Wood You Like It?

As winter moves into spring and flowers and leaves being to emerge it is nice to be able to feel closer to nature. I have found several walking sticks at varying price points which look to be tactile and organic.  They would look great with either wintery jewel or pastel spring tones. I also found some watches and jewellery which would look great with these sticks.  Branch jewellery combine semi precious stones to create unusual beautiful pieces of jewellery.  More affordable options can be found on Amazon or fair trade shops.  They are all made out of reclaimed or sustainable wooden sources.

Classic Canes Crook Handle, £10.99 
Brazos twisted hickory with elm handle, £61.77
Classic Canes, Ladies Beech Derby, £34.99
Classic Canes, Gents Classic Beech Derby £29.99
Branch (jewellery)
Twisty chunky brown bangle (7.95)
Light and dark wooden cord necklace (£11.95)
Greentreen brown and rose gold watch (£27.99)
Bamboo wooden men's watch  (£19.98)
Kvell unisex watch made from sustainable wood, with maple face. (£57.62) green band.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Featheroak Jewellery

Featheroak reopened today so I thought I would post my review of the two lucky dip items I purchased from the online store just before Christmas.  

Featheroak is an online jewellery store run by Alexandra Jackson.  She designs and makes all the jewellery herself.  Her design aesthetic is premised around raw crystals, nature and the creation of delicate jewellery using items such as sea glass, shells and raw crystals that she has collected with her mum.  The stones that she has not collected herself she has sourced from ethically sound mines that she purchases directly from, ensuring that the stones are high quality and they are from a reputable source.  She uses stones that you would not see in "traditional" jewellery shops which makes her designs all the more unique. 

I love the fact that all her jewellery looks raw, understated, elegant and unique. I purchased 2 lucky dip copper ring and got a herkimer diamond copper ring and a raw emerald copper ring (£10 each).  I liked that you couldn't choose which stones/designs you recieved.  I got stones that I would never chosen myself and I reallly like them. They are supposed to be slightly seconds but I cannot seee anything wrong with them.  They came in a little hessian bag with a card stating which stones had been used.

I am slightly jealous of Alexandra Jackson - she designs and makes jewellery in a style that I would also choose, if I had her talent and eye for putting together unusual stones and simple yet quirky yet timeless designs, but I don't.  I will just have to keep an eye on her store instead. 

I purchased these items myself. 

Available: Featheroak