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hi, I am a 40+ year old who loves jewellery and all things sparkly. I also enjoy trying out and reviewing new makeup products, finding stylish walking sticks, reading and writing book reviews. I will review anything from bird tables/ hedgehog houses to the latest fashion! My Instagram account is @sparkling_magpie

Monday, 29 November 2021

Tada & Toy Chantecaille Butterfly Charm Bracelet

Tada & Toy have created some new, exclusive animal charm bracelets, sold exclusively through and supporting a variety of Chantecaille’s philanthropic projects. I have blogged about these bracelets in several posts as I enjoy wearing my evergrowing collection - sometimes I have virtual safari on my wrist! My most recent addition is the beautiful butterfly charm bracelet (£52).

The butterfly charm bracelet supports the  Xerxes Society. This is a international non profit organisation which supports conservation through the protection and support of non invertebrate animals and their habitats. Their projects include: encouraging the use of less pesticides, pollinator conservation and endangered species conservation. 

 The charm bracelet is made from peridot dyed agate beads. The charm itself is a tiny butterfly plated in 18k gold. It fastens with a sliding knot closure so can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of wrist sizes. It is packaged in a little gift bag with both the Chantecaille and Tada & Toy logos on it, as does the bracelet tag.

I love these bracelets because not only are they dainty and timeless in their appeal but they bring awareness to animal charities and organisations that otherwise might go unnoticed. 

I will continue to save up and purchase these philanthropic bracelets- I am saving for the tiger version. I would recommend these as a gift for anyone of any ages who loves animals and conservation. 

I purchased the item myself and the views expressed in my blog are my own 

Friday, 26 November 2021

Review: Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser

The Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser is 135 ml for £18. I purchased this cream cleanser as I haven’t used this type of cleanser before - I have always used balms - and I wanted to see if it would be gentler on my skin which is suffering with Winter damage.

This cleaner is a gentle nourishing cleanser, combining avocado and Rose to nourish and condition and chamomile and aloe vera to calm and smooth the skin, leaving it looking fresh and feeling comfortable. 

The cream cleanser is easy to dispense out of a hygienic squeezy tube. I applied a 10p size amount to my face and massaged it in. I then removed the cleanser with a warm damp face cloth and the used my hands dipped in water for a final rinse. I found that it did gently remove makeup and impurities. I did not have to do a double cleanse for my skin to look and feel clean. The Rose smell, just as with the cream, smells very relaxing and Spa like. My skin didn’t feel tight after using the cleanser and I noticed that after a few uses the redness around my nose wasn’t as glaringly Rudolph like! 

I enjoyed using the cleanser and will continue to do so. 

I purchased the item myself and the views expressed in my blog are my own. 

Review: Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream

My skin is normally combination/greasy but during a cold and wet Autumn I suddenly developed dry patches around my nose. I wanted a richer cream than my normal one so I went to look at the Pixi web site as I enjoy using their Glow tonic when my skin needs refreshing. 

The Rose Ceramide Cream is £24 (50 ml) which isn’t particularly cheap but if you want to try the Rose range out there is a set, Pixi Rose Beauty in a Bag (£20 on Look Fantastic), which consists of makeup melting cloths, Rose Cream Cleanser (10 ml), Rose Tonic (40 ml) and Rose Ceramide Cream (15 ml). 

The Ceramide Cream is an ultra rich cream which is is infused with Ceramides to time release moisture and Rose Oil to replenish, nourish and hydrate the skin, making it feel more supple and look healthier. Probiotics protect and balance the skin whilst Antioxidant botanicals help to improve skin elasticity and protect it against environmental aggressors. 

I like using this cream because most importantly it isn’t tested on animals and it quickly sinks into the skin. The cream doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin or any residue which could interfere with any makeup I apply afterwards. The Rose scent isn’t overpowering but is a gentle relaxing aroma. I found the cream calmed and hydrated my skin, solving my Winter skin issues.  The cream is in a hygienic squeezy tube so the product is easy to dispense with no worry that it will break or leak. 

I purchased this item myself and the views expressed in my blog are my own 

Saturday, 20 November 2021

The.Craft.Crystals Amethyst Bundle

 The Craft Crystals is based in Sheffield and is an Instagram seller who specialises in ethically sourced semi precious stones, hand made teas, spell jars etc. 


I was lucky enough to win her amethyst bundle competition. My prize included all these lovely ethically sourced amethyst stones. The different cuts of stones shows how different a raw stone can look compared to a polished one! I love the earthy rawness of the largest piece whilst the round one is very smooth and tactile. 

I love all of the pieces and would purchase from her in the future. The stones arrived beautifully packaged - my cat loved the string, and if they were to be presents, no need to wrap!

Link: the.craft.crystals 

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Review: Rocks and Copper Pendant

I was lucky enough to win an Instagram competition run by RocksandCopperJC, run by Emily Livsey, a local Etsy seller who specialises in one of a kind handmade electroform crystal  and copper jewellery. I have followed her IG account for several years as she sells at local markets that are quite close to where I live. 

 I got to choose which stones I wanted in my pendant. I chose amethyst and Rose quartz,a traditional complimentary combination of stones. The pendant is made of brass. She kept updated during the jewellery making process and I received a beautiful, unique piece within a few days. 

I love my necklace. It is unique and one of a kind, not over the top but can be worn with so many outfits. The other items on her Etsy store are equally as stunning and she has since branched out into using silver plate as well as copper. 

I would recommend this seller and plan on visiting her stall when the (hopefully) more markets open up. At the moment she has a stall at Market Street Social Preston Markets. Check her IG for dates she will be there.

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Bookmask Face Coverings

Although face masks are no longer mandatory in England, as a clinically vulnerable person I still wear one when I go out. I have amassed quite a collection but I decided I wanted a grown up non Disney one and of course a few more Disney ones as well. 


I purchased all three masks from Bookmasks, an Etsy seller. The sky blue and white peacock face covering is my grown up mask. The ear elastic has a plastic toggle so it is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. The material is soft and doesn’t rub under my glasses. I also purchased a Toy Story and a Care Bear mask. They both have the same toggles as the peacock one and the material has  been carefully cut so the design isn’t spoilt. All three cost £4.99 each.  They are available in either standard or child size. 

I purchased these items myself and the views expressed in my blog are my own 

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Review: Disney Princess Yellow Gold-Plated Beauty & the Beast Belle Message Bangle

I got the Disney Belle 14k yellow gold plated message bangle as a GWP with an order I made at CoutureKingdom.com.  I recently was looking through my jewellery box to sort out what hadn’t been worn and would be used as part of my Disney jewellery/ hanging ornament competitions that I will be running over Christmas on both my Instagram and Twitter accounts and I realised that I hadn’t worn this bangle. 

 The bangle is very beautiful. It is a high shine, bright yellow 14k gold plate. It has Belle’s signature engraved on the inside of the bangle and “adventure is waiting for you” on the outside. It is presented in a Disney/Couture Kingdom gift box and is part their Princess Collection. It has a hinge clasp and the width of the bangle is 55mm. 

 I love the inspirational message and the look of the bangle but I find the hinge clasp very difficult to open close. I found it got easy to do as I was taking it on and off for photos but the struggle I had with the closure puts me off from wearing it. 

I purchased this item myself and the views expressed in my blog are my own.