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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Stackers Grey Cone Jewellery Peak

I was lucky enough to win a Stackers Peak in grey from Lisa Angel through a Twitter competition.  Lisa Angel are an online jewellery and gift store, selling affordable items that are gorgeous and certain items can be personalised.

I have the large Grey Cone Jewellery Peak (£18).  It is made of Resin and so is quite heavy. It measures 12.5x7.5x7.5 cm. The lids and bases are interchangeable.  It has a hidden compartment on n the base of the Peak and bracelets, rings an watches can be displayed around the peak.  It is a innovative and attractive design.  The hidden compartment allows smaller items to be discretly hidden away, ensuring not clutter or lost items due to a certain cat helpfully tidying  sparkly items into his bed!

Stackers Jewellery boxes are a great way to both personalise and create your ideal jewellery box. There are a variety of styles, colours and designs  enabling you to build, customise and create your own jewellery box suited to your needs. The separate components are reasonable priced ranging from around £10 to £35. As your jewellery collection grows and your needs change, new layers can be stacked on top or customised to your jewellery's needs adding charm bars,  watch pads, ring rolls or travel jewellery boxes as they are designed to fit seamless together.  They don't look over done, cluttered or gawdy but instead they look expensive, understated and have a minimalist feel about them. The lids and boxes are interchangeable and the lids can be personalised. Stackers have updated, reinvented and brought the traditional jewellery box into the 21 Century creating a flexible alternative which can be built upon and redesigned as your jewellery collection expands.

I won this item but this does not affect my review. I think Stackers are a great concept and I will be purchasing some more to house my own growing collection of jewellery.

Lisa Angel


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