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hi, I am a 40+ year old who loves jewellery and all things sparkly. I also enjoy trying out and reviewing new makeup products, finding stylish walking sticks, reading and writing book reviews. I will review anything from bird tables/ hedgehog houses to the latest fashion! My Instagram account is @sparkling_magpie

Sunday, 30 April 2017

May: Emerald Birthstone

The birthstone for May is emerald.  Emeralds are the embodiment of spring with their vibrant deep green colour.  They are the rarest gemstone and are mined in Columbia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia.  Emeralds are thought to represent and symbolise rebirth and love (just like spring),  

Friday, 28 April 2017

Artsy Chicas: Fertility Gems: 14K Gold Filled Layla Necklace - Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Moonstone

This necklace is made by Artsy Chicas and her shop is on Etsy. I already have the sterling silver version but I bought the gold one as well as I like the stone combination.  The cable necklace length is 18" and is gold filled. The stones are briolette cut, wire wrapped and suspended from a twisted gold filled bail..  The stones, rose quartz, amazonite and moonstone are supposed to have a calming effect.

The necklace came safely wrapped and in a net bag and box so would not need wrapping if it were a gift.  The necklace cost £41.99 including international shipping, which may seem quite a lot but it is handmade to order and the stones are excellent quality and their customer service is great.

Artsy Chicas

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Chamilia: Disney Winnie the Pooh Charms

Last week Chamilia  launched their Disney Winnie the Pooh Charm range.  The star of the show, is, of course Winnie the Pooh,  His charm is £55 and is made from sterling silver, electroplated 14k gold for his honey pot and enamel detailing.  Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet are £50 each. Tigger is sterling silver with black enamel detailing.  Eeyore is made from sterling silver and has a pink enamel bow on his pony tail mane.  Piglet is made from sterling silver and is wearing  a pink and red enamel sweater. The Disney Friends Forever Heart Charm, featuring Winnie and Piglet is £45 and is made from sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal stones and enamel.  They fit any of the Disney Chamilia or ordinanry Chamilia bracelets.
 Chamilia items can be purchased from their own website and a variety of stockists including H Samuel.

The photos used are from Chamilia and I have permission to use them.

Available from:

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sass&Belle DIY Pendants from Mini Hanging Photo Frames

Sass & Belle make some gorgeous mini hanging photo frames which range from £2-2.50 not including p&p.   I think they also make great statement/ gothic pendants and the pictures can be changed around as you wish. I used the brass mini hanging frame as an example. Pressed some flowers, undid the frame, put them in and I had a pendant to match my shirt. The brass frame measures 4.7x 5.2 x1cm and is quite light. The pastel and gold frames are slightly bigger and are quite a lot heavier when around the neck. They open from the back rather than the side but you can redesign you photos/flowers etc just as easily. I just hung a chain through the loop at the back of the frame but you could always use a double loop jump ring if you want it took look my professional. I think these make great frames and pendants and you can swap the pictures around to match you outfit. 

I purchased these items from Sass and Belle myself. 
Available from:

The Sheikh's Bought Wife by Sharon Kendrick: A Review. #MillsandBoonInsiders

The Sheikh's Bought Wife, written by Sharon Kendrick is part of a Mills and Boon Arc.   Zayed Al Zawba, the hero , handsome sheikh, needs to marry someone within 6 months to comply with the terms of his Grandfather's will, whist Dr Jane Smith, the plain Jane academic need money, and fast to save her sister, Cleo from money sharks.  They have an intriguing/complex relationship. She is disinterested in him which in turn irritates and fascinates him as normally everyone bows down to him.  The book follows them entering into married life and learning to live together.  On paper this should have been a great read and normally I love SK's books but something was missing, for me, in this book.   It was too formulaic to give it 5/5 but it is still a worthy 4.5.  

I got this through NetGallery in exchange for a review as I am a #MillsandInsider but this did not affect my blog post on the book itself.  

Available here:

Friday, 21 April 2017

Medecins San Frontiers (MSF) Pilgrim Jewellery

Since 2003, Pilgrim Jewellery have supported MSF, also known as Doctors Without Borders. with a specially designed jewellery collection. These specially designed items are sold to benefit MSF and the design changes yearly.  The picture above is of my pendant (looking a bit scruffy now as I wear it a lot!) is well made and stamped with both the MSF and Pilgrim logo as are all items.  This year there are two necklaces made from silver or gold plate. One has three tiny coins suspended from it with MSF on them(£18.90) and the other is a long round stick (£24.95).  Its great when a well known jewellery company has a social conscience and decides to take a long term interest in a worth while cause. The purchaser gets a beautifully made, reasonably priced piece of jewellery and MSF gets a donation towards its worthwhile cause.

The items are available here

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New #Competition #win £100 TopShop makeup & Mills & Boon goodies

This new competition includes £100 of Topshop makeup : blushes, contours, highlights, nail varnish and lipsticks & some Mills & Boon notebooks, pen and reusable bag.

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