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Thursday, 18 August 2016

#accessorizing for #interviews!

A very long time ago when dinasours were still roaming the earth a PR lecturer at uni told her attentive students  that when attending an interview we should wear a statement piece of jewellery that reflected our personality so that interviewers (after wading through monotonous never ending repetitive interviews) had something to associate with you, the ever hopeful candidate. So what should you wear jewellery wise?  Should you go large, gaudy,  fluorescent or tasteful? Tatty divine, Etsy, Punky Pins, Erst Wilder.com all have cute affordable, eyecatching jewellery and accessories. We were told to either link the accessory to the job or to make sure it reflected your personality. So, for example if you were going for a job interviews for a post in. Library - use an owl accessory, primary school teacher, something linked to childhood (see examples posted below). good luck with your interviews! 

All the photos are my own items apart from the cat, dog and dove. These can be found ar erstwilder.com: https://www.erstwilder.com/

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