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Saturday, 18 June 2016

#Bee Mine: #Bee #pendants & #Necklaces

Bee pendants became an instant must have classic with the introduction of Alex Monroe's iconic and very distinctive bumble bee range (6). Now there are lots of contenders for the cutest, tweest or most realistic at every price point. Looking through Pinterest I have found a variety, all of which are adorable and some very affordable. 

I especially love Alex Monroe's bumble bee range as after showing mine to several visually impaired friends they felt it they could envisage what a bumble bee looks like.

1 Queen Bee Hive Locket (£89) Kate Spade is gold tone, glass and enamel. The necklace is 38-41" and fastens with a lobster clasp. 

2 Joy by Corrine Smith. This is a sterling silver pendant (£28) and is also available in rose gold and gold.

3 Loubijoux Honey Bee Necklace (£20) is a honeybee and honeycomb necklace. It is very tactile and stands out from the crowd by having the hexagonal honeycomb design.

4 Mirabelle Bee Pendant (£45) is gold plated. The length of the link chain is 45 cm and the clasp is a lobster clasp.

5 Argent of London Honeybee (£42) and is made of vermeil.

6 saving the best until last - this is an Alex Monroe Bumble Bee (£150). Made out of 22ct vermeil the  length of the necklace is 40-45 cm and the bee is w3 and h1.5. The bee is textured and, in my opinion, remains the most realistic looking bee around in the jewellery world! He does a range of bees - the baby is £132 whilst the most expensive is made out of solid gold and retails at £2,400.

Items 2 & 3 are available at Notonthehighstreet.com

Items 4&5 are available from John Lewis - online and instore

Item 6 is available from John Lewis, Alex Monroe's website and shop and shops carrying the Alex Monroe range.

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