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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Coin pendant holders for all price points

Coin pendant or bracelet holders are a fabulous concept.  The coins are interchangeable and as they are a standard size - 25mm and 33mm can be switched between different brands. The most well known brand is Emozioni (part of the Hot Diamond brand) but there are several brands and ranges with different price points depending on the materials used. 

The coin is placed in the open holder, it is then closed and the chain threaded through the top of the locket to hold it in place. 
The great thing about these pendants is that as they are reversible there are no unsightly settings- both sides are equally as pretty. 
Price wise the cheapest I could find for a holder, coin and chain was just under £20 at beads direct.co.uk. Bear in mind they are not sterling silver etc but silver, gold or rose gold toned. They are, however, very pretty items. 

More expensive brands make their items out of vermeil, sterling silver and rose gold are Emozioni and Mi Moneda.  They do carrier bracelets, matching earrings and rings. The great thing about this jewellery concept is that once you have a holder the coins can be bought for special occasions and the choices are endless as new designs are brought out each season. 

The cheapest coins pendants can be found at beads direct.co.uk

Goldsmiths: http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/c/Brands/Emozioni/
The Jewel Hut: https://www.thejewelhut.co.uk/emozioni-jewellery/
Mi Moneda:
Hugh Rice http://www.hughrice.co.uk/collections/mi-moneda

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