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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

[Pastel] Sticks And Stones!

As the proud user/ owner of a walking stick I am always on the lookout for ones that are not floral but fashionable, hopefully sparkly and will coordinate with what I am wearing without it standing out saying "yes I am a stick" (I do know sticks can't talk).  So for the first in the series of fashionable walking sticks I am going to combine them with stones - sticks and stones! 

As one of the main trends for summer is pastel hues and a theme for makeup is mermaid, again - muted pastel but sparkly tones. I went looking for some candy/ pastel coloured walking sticks. Derby Canes have a massive selection of canes from flowered to very neutral black and brown and yes they have produced Candy Canes:

These are available in four colours: lilac; blue; pink and green and the canes are either extendable or foldable. Derby canes are comfortable to hold and quite light. Even though these do not come in petite (the extendable version is 29" to 39" and foldable version is 32" to 36") I did get my local Timpsons to saw some off the bottom without making the stick unsafe to use. 

Jewellery wise Lola Rose has some fabulous tumbled stone pastel hued semi precious bracelets and necklaces and if you want to be an all out pastel mermaid there is a kaftan which would match all 4 colour ways of the cane. Even though the canes and jewellery are very muted and summery the colours would pop against traditional Autumnal and Winter colours of black, brown and green providing a great contrast in colour and more importantly baking sure you haven't spent your hard earned money on something that can only be worn/ used in the warmer seasons.

If you want to go all out pastel mermaid, coordinating your makeup with jewellery and cane Jouer have brought out a limited edition mermaid themed summer makeup collection which would bring some pastel sparkle to your overall look without looking over the top as though you have just thrown some sparkly glitter on your face look!

All items have either been bought by me or the images taken from Google. If you object to these images being used please contact me and I will remove. 

Walking sticks: http://www.healthandcare.co.uk/derby-canes/derby-extending-candy-cane-with-acrylic-handle.html

Lola Rose:  http://www.lolarose.co.uk/

Jouer Costmetics: https://www.jouercosmetics.com/

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