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Friday, 20 May 2016

Review of Z for Accessorize Constance Semi Precious Pendant

As moonstone is in the same family of stones as labradorite I thought it would be opportune to review the Z for Accessorize Constance Semi Precious Pendant (RRP £17) as the next review my jewellery post. 

The Z for Accessorize range is exclusive to Accessorize and is designed by Zara Simon. The necklace comes on a tag, as does all their jewellery,  and is displayed on a Z for Accessorize  display or rack depending upon the size of the store. It can also be purchased online at their website.

The chain is gold plated and  14" in length without the extender. There is also an extender attached to the chain which is 1.6".  The stone is inlayed in to a substantial setting, is oblong shaped and faceted.  The stone does not "fill" the setting but is a sliver of stone which sits on top of and just inside the setting. The facets make the light bounce off and through the stone so it is a very eyecatching piece to wear. It is a shame the chain is not made out of vermeil as I have noticed that as I have very acidic skin the gold is wearing off and leaving a black mark on my skin. 

Moonstone originates from Sri Lanka and can be also found in Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, Myanmar, Madagascar, Canada and the US. Moonstone comes from in a variety of colours including colourless, orange, grey brown and pink.    The most popular and easily identifiable is the white stone with blue iridescence. 
Rainbow moonstone was discovered 15 years ago in India and is often referred to as white labradorite as it gets its blue sheen the same way light refracts through traditional labradorite.  Moonstone is thought to bring good fortune, help in foretelling the future, enhance intuition, promote inspiration and bring success in both love and business. Moonstone's healing ability is said to  align  your  vertebrae,  be  a  good  digestive  aid  and  also  regulate  emotions.  Moonstone is associated with those travelling at night or by water and is a stone of inner growth and strength. As moonstone is traditionally associated with the moon, the most powerful time to use this stone is when there is a full moon. 

Acessorize is based around self service which can be a bit of a pain if you are a shortie (like me) as their displays go up to the ceiling and so some items can be difficult to reach. The staff, however, are always helpful seem knowledgable about and interested in their stock. The website is easy to navigate and Acessorize  have a loyalty card which is great for jewellery nuts like me! 

Like all socially responsible jewellery stores/ designers Accessorize have an established environmental and sustainability programme and are a founder of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). Accessorize state that they "believe in the positive, empowering, life-changing power of trade rather than aid." They aim to achieve sustainable improvements in working conditions and livelihoods wherever Accesorize/Monsoon do business.  Ever year, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust supports healthcare and educational projects for 15,000 women and children throughout Asia.

I purchased this item myself and all views expressed in my blog/article are my own.

The necklace can be found here: http://uk.accessorize.com/view/product/uk_catalog/acc_14.9/9853291000

Matching ring (£17): http://uk.accessorize.com/view/product/uk_catalog/acc_14.12/9811021053

Accessorize ethical statement: http://uk.accessorize.com/uk/content/heritage#sustainability

Rainbow Moonstone as white labradorite: http://www.jckonline.com/2016/02/19/labradorites-blue-rainbow-moonstone

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