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Monday, 17 October 2016

Auren Jewellery: A Review

Auren was established in 2010 by Kate Rodgers, offering luxurious, wearable and original yet  affordable jewellery (prices start from around £37.50 for 18ct vermeil teardrop labradorite rose cut stud earrings at John Lewis). Auren jewellery is both comfortable to wear and timeless - it doesn't bow to fashion trends so will never become outdated.  Jewellery is made from either 18ct or 22ct gold vermeil on silver and the cuts, shapes and settings always enhance the semi precious and precious stones used in the pieces.

I have got the 18ct  gold vermeil Aqua chalcedony rose cut stud earrings and the 18ct vermeil diamond slice ring from the 2015 collection.  The earrings are very light and comfortable to wear. The pastel hue of the stone looks great against dark winter clothes as well as summer lighter colours. They are understated and elegant but the rose cut means that the light glances of the stone showing off the chalcedony perfectly. 

The ring is very light and comfortable to wear due the narrowness of the shank. It may be understated piece but it stands out in its unusualness of design.

I purchased these items myself.

Auren's website: http://aurenjewellery.com/
IG: @aurenjewellery

Auren jewellery can be found at:
John Lewis: https://m.johnlewis.com/b/women/jewellery-watches/view-all-jewellery/auren/_/N-
V& A shop: 5w5jZ1z13oea

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