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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sass and Belle Woodland Animal Tree: A Review

I purchased my Sass and Belle woodland jewellery tree via eBay UK for £13.99 including delivery. It measures 25cm x 30cm x 12cm and is mad of iron. It is quite substantial and the creatures are cute without being twee. There are several holes in the leaves to fasten earrings through and there are loops to hook bracelets and shorter length necklaces through. Items can be also draped over the tree. It is quite hard to knock over as the bottom where the fox sits are three pronges which can be moved soslightly so the tree can balance. 

It came in a huge box and had been packed in securely to ensure it wasn't damaged. I think this is my favourite jewellery holder. It has been well thought out by its designers. It doesn't need putting together, is sturdy and doesn't fall over and jewellery doesn't fall off once put on the tree.

I purchased my jewellery tree from here: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Woodland-Animals-Jewellery-Holder-Tree-Metal-Display-Stand-by-Sass-Belle-/252477541036?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE

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