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Monday, 3 April 2017

April Birthstones: Diamond & Clear Quartz

There are two  April birthstones; diamond and clear quartz.

Diamonds are probably the most recognisable and popular gemstones in the world and is the modern birthstone for the US, UK and India.  It was also the birthstone for the traditional Polish and Hindu calendars.  The expensive relation to graphite, diamonds are a crystal that come in many different colours and are the hardest gemstones. Diamonds can be found in sedimentary rock, kimberlite (volcanic samples) and alluvial deposits. They are thought to bring luck and fend off misfortune for the wearer.  They are also suppose to improve relationships and bring balance, clarity and abundancy.

Clear quartz [rock crystal]  is the second April birthstone for the UK.  It is clear like a diamond and is often seen as a cheaper alternative. There are quartz mines on all continents.  Clear quartz is supposed to bring happiness and allow the wearer to see into the future. 

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