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Friday, 21 April 2017

Medecins San Frontiers (MSF) Pilgrim Jewellery

Since 2003, Pilgrim Jewellery have supported MSF, also known as Doctors Without Borders. with a specially designed jewellery collection. These specially designed items are sold to benefit MSF and the design changes yearly.  The picture above is of my pendant (looking a bit scruffy now as I wear it a lot!) is well made and stamped with both the MSF and Pilgrim logo as are all items.  This year there are two necklaces made from silver or gold plate. One has three tiny coins suspended from it with MSF on them(£18.90) and the other is a long round stick (£24.95).  Its great when a well known jewellery company has a social conscience and decides to take a long term interest in a worth while cause. The purchaser gets a beautifully made, reasonably priced piece of jewellery and MSF gets a donation towards its worthwhile cause.

The items are available here

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