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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Book Review: Dreaming of... Brazil (M&B)

Dreaming of... Brazil is a 3 in 1 romance novel published by Mills and Boon.   Susan Stephens "At the Brazillian's Command", Maya Blake "Married for the Prince's Convenience" and  Olivia Gates "From Enemy's Daughter  To Expectant  Bride" are the authors and their novels that are included in this book.

At the Brazilian's command is set in Scotland and Rio. Tiago Santos has been told by his grandfather in his last will and testament that he needs to find a wife and have a child ASAP or Tiago will lose control of the ranch he has built up to a board of trustees. After that bombshell Tiago flies to Scotland to his best friend's Chico, wedding.  He rescues Danny Cameron from Carlos Pintos who was attempting to assault her.  Tiago regards her as perfect marital material.  He will invest in her horse training business in return for marriage and an heir.   There will be no false promises of a happily ever after.  As the marriage date grows closer Danny want more than a loveless marriage. She wants the real thing.

Married for the Prince's Convenience: Jasmine Nichols resorts to the theft of the Santo-Valderra Trade Treaty from Crown Prince (of Santos) Reyes Vincente Navarre in order to prevent her stepfather, Stephen Nichols, from being exposed for embezzlement.  Just before she stole the treaty they had a wild night of passion. The theft threatens  Santo's financial security. She is now pregnant which catapultes her to the top of prospective brides for Reyes.  They are destined to enter a loveless marriage until Reyes discovers Jasmine's secrets.

From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride is part of the Billionaires of Black Castle series.  Rafael Salazar returned to Rio to destroy the man he thought had ruined his childhood, family and family business - Teobaldo Ferreira.  Rafael meets his daughter - Eliana. He wants her, even when he realises eb her father is.  Eliana realised she is expecting his baby and they decide to get married.  Days before the wedding she overhears Rafael and other members of Black Castle discussing his potential revenge he has planned in order to destroy her father.  Will the marriage go ahead?

I always enjoy these 3 in 1 novels.  They are normally cheaper than if you bought each book individually and they can sometimes introduce you to an author that you would normally give a hard pass.  I enjoyed all three books and felt they all fitted together.  All three authors are Mills and Boon heavy weight authors and I always enjoy their work and these were no exception.

I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for a honest review,  I am a #MillsandBooninsider #netgalley #Dreamingof...Brazil
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