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Sunday, 25 March 2018

FancyPoshGems: Amethyst Hairband


It's coming up to the spring/summer wedding/ summer/ end of school prom season and any one looking for an unusual or purse friendly head piece will know there aren't many to be found. I am not going to any of the above functions but did want an unusual head band to update last years (unworn) summery clothes.  I checked on Etsy and found FancyPoshGem's shop. She makes pearl and gemstone head bands for £10 - £12 plus £2.80 p&p (UK). I chose the amethyst version.  The chips are not stuck on but witted on to the head band. The ribbon is on the underside of the band making it more comfortable to wear and hiding the wire.  There are also pale blue and multi pearl versions (£12) available.  

My headband is very well made and certainly a bargain, looking at how much equivalent pieces are sold for.  It is my favourite hair accessory and I hope she makes other colours and hair clips as I would certainly buy them. 

I purchased the hair band myself and they are available here

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