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Saturday, 18 March 2017

#MillsandBoonInsider: The Italian's One Night Baby by Lynne Graham

Lynne Graham is a prolific M&B/romance author, her first book for Harlequin was published in 1987. The Italian's One-Night Baby is the second in the trilogy: Brides for the Taking.  The trilogy is premised upon two sisters searching for information about their mother who has recently died.  They have each been left a ring  and a letter with a name presumably naming their father.  They have also found out they have a half sister who they are also searching for (third book).

In this book Dr Ellie Dixon has come to Italy to search for her father.   One of the names she has been given by her mother is Beppe Sorrentina. She also re encounters Rio Benedetti, who is Beppe's godson. They first met in the first book and cannot stand each other.  Rio, through misinformation thinks that Ellie is a gold digger and after having his trust abused in the past remains cynical about all women.  She was going to go to bed with him in the first book, but when there were already twins waiting there for him.  

They still manage to be attracted to each other and fall into bed together. Consquently she is pregnant.  Not wanting to upset his godfather once he finds out Ellie is Beppe's daughter he decides they should get married.  Beppe has a heart attack and ends up being cared for by Rio's ex (Franca), the woman who abused his trust.  Ellie is convinced he regrets marrying her and leaves him. He rushes after her and convinced her otherwise.

I enjoyed this book. There was self depreciating humour from both the main characters. If anything the book was too busy. There were two storylines which could have easily filled two books, the first being Rio and Ellie getting together, the second being Franca. I look forward to reading the final book in this trilogy.

The Italian's One Night Baby is released on 1 April 2017.

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