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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Daisy London x Ellie Goulding Limited Edition Charity Bracelets

Daisy Jewellery and Ellie Goulding have collaborated to create limited edition charity bracelets in aid of World Wildlife Fund.  The bracelets aim to raise funds for and awareness of WWF.  The bracelets are geometric polar bears as the WWF is trying to raise awareness that polar bears are under threat as their sea ice habitat is destroyed by climate change.  Currently there are estimated to be between 22-31,000 in the wild but as they are forced to spend longer on the shore depending on their body fat for survival as they can spend less time on their natural sea ice habitat.  It is estimated that by 2050 1/3 of polar bears will have disappeared.  

The bracelets range from £45 -£75 in price.  They are made of either sterling silver and 18ct gold plate.  The friendship bracelets are £45 for the starling silver red cord bracelet and £59 for the 18ct gold plate black cord bracelet. The polar bear measures 20mm.  Friendship bracelets are easy to adapt to a wide range of bracelet sizes, you just pull the bead and adjust to fit.  The silver polar bear bracelet is £59 and the 18ct gold plate bracelet £75.  The bracelet is 160mm and the bear 20mm.  The bracelet has a built in extender chain.

I have the gold polar bear bracelet and love it.  I can wear it all the time as it lies flat against my wrist and fits nicely so I am not worries that I will catch it on anything.  The geometric polar bear is so cute and doesn't look gimmicky or cartoonish.  The only thing I would change is the id disc which has the identifying D on onside and ED on the other. I would have preferred some mention or acknowledgement of the WWF as that is why the bracelet has been made.

I purchased my bracelet from the Daisy London website. The site is easy to navigate and my bracelet came within 3 days.  It came securely packaged, with a little Daisy London bag.   The bracelet was in a little Daisy London embossed pouch and box.  There was also a leaflet enclosed explaining the idea and intent of the bracelet.  

I purchased this item myself and the views expressed in this blog are my own.
Available here and Daisy London stockists.

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