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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Sensse Go! Mini Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush & Exfoliator & #WIN

I got the Sensse Go! Mini Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush & Exfoliator (£39.99) free to review from review directory.   I got it from Amazon UK and it came within 3 days.  The mini cleansing brush comes nicely packaged in a white and rose gold embossed box, so would make a nice present.  The box contains a brush. 2 brush attachment, the white one is for cleansing, the blue exfoliating and a usb charging cable.  

The brush is small so it is great for travelling and fits nicely in  my small hand.  The speed of the brush is controlled by a button that is pressed  to make it go faster or slower as required. It has two speeds and it is waterproof, so can be used in the shower.  There is a red charging light that comes on when the device is being charged.  Once charged the brush will do 180 uses.  The brush comes with a 2 year no quibble guarantee.  

As I have a fused neck I cannot bend it and so have difficulty bringing water up to my face. I also have difficulty washing my face and neck due to dexterity and spatial awareness issues.   This brush makes washing my face, neck and decollete much easier and a less tiring process.  The brush helps me reach the top of my face and around my neck, or if I am having a bad day the process of someone else washing my face is speeded up.    I cannot dip my face closer to the water to rine off doap, face masks etc but once the cleansing brush is damp I can just move that around my face to remove my cleanser etc.

I wouldn't say this brush has revolutionised my cleansing routine.  I have  noticed, however, that although I  got a few, painful, spots at first, these have now gone and my skin looks brighter and clearer.  The brush has made my cleansing routine less tiring and less time consuming which for me is always great as I am continually looking for products and devices which will make my life easier.  

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