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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Falke Sensitive Berlin Women's Socks

Socks, might seem a slightly boring blog post topic, but if like me, your legs swell up, you become obsessed with finding a comfortable pair of socks.  This is were Falke Sensitive Women's Socks come in.  Yes they are expensive - ranging from £7-15 depending upon where you purchase them, but they are comfortable and due to the sensitive, non elastic top, do not constrict your leg if it swells during the day.  
They have anatomic left and right fitting, pressure free, non constricting comfort tops  and handlinked toes so the seem is flat and doesn't rub your them.  They are cotton on the inside and merino wool on the outside of the sock.   The come in two sizes, 2.5-5 and 5.5- 8 and there is a variety of colours. I get mine either insore at House of Fraser Manchester or Amazon UK. 

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