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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Tommy Hilfinger Launches Adaptive Clothing Range

Tommy Hilfinger have launched an inclusive clothing range for people with disabilities.  1 in 5 people in the US and UK have some form of life limiting disability yet they largely neglected by the fashion industry.  TH has already launched 2 collections for children with disabilities in partnership with Runway of Dream, a foundation which aims to promote inclusivity within the fashion industry.  

This range of adaptive clothing is designed to make it easier for wearers or their carers to easily get dressed  and for the clothing to fit around orthotics etc.   The range consists of 34 women's and 37 men's pieces.  They feature wrist loops, velcro closures, magnetic flies  which can be fastened with one hand and magnetic zippers on top of specialised leg hems to take into account leg braces and orthotics.  The jacket, pictured above, for example, fastens with velcro. The range is designed to be wearable and fashionable for wheelchair users, people with prosthetics, limitations or restrictions in movement etc.  I find getting dressed to be exhausting and have trawled online shops for clothing that looks fashionable but is easy to get on and actually fits comfortably over my shoulder and neck braces whilst not getting tangled up in my walking stick! I only hope that other fashion retailers follow TH lead.

The range is already available in the US and Hilfiger hopes to eventually launch the range worldwide.

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