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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Book Review: From Duke Till Dawn by Eva Leigh

The first book in the London Underground series, From Duke Till Dawn is written by Eva Leigh, published by Mills and Boon and is a Regency romance. The Duke of Greyland, Alexander  Lewis first met Cassandra Blake two years ago in the spa Cheltenham. They had one night together. Not realising he was just a "mark" to her he lost both his heart and £500 which he naively gave her, believing her to be a vulnerable widow when in reality she was a con artist and thief.   His engagement to Lady Emmeline has just ended as she ran off with a cavalry officer.  His first reencounter is a glimpse of her in a carriage. He then meets her in a gaming hell in a seedy part of Piccadilly.  Cassandra Blake has gown up in poverty and crime ridden existence.  Her mother deserted her when she was a young child. She had to live in Marshlea prison when her father was sent there for not paying his debts.  When he died she was left to scrabble a living on the streets of London which is where she met her mentor and partner in crime Martin Hughes/Hamish.

When her mentor of 15 years and partner in crime takes off with all their money she has no one apart from Greyland who she can turn to for help. She needs to repay the gaming hell investors, the wages of her employees and the £500 she fleeced off Greyland.  He agrees to help, but she has to stay with him until the debts are repaid in full.  The rest of the book recounts their exploits  as they search for Martin.

From Duke Till Dawn is not your traditional Regency romance.  It is the heroine, not the hero, Who plays the anti character.  Historical romances usually tell the story from the "rich" person's perspective.  In this novel, however, Leigh tells the story from Cassandra's perspective and point of view,  revealing and detailing the poverty and reasons who she she has fallen into a life of crime. An erotic romantic thriller, Leigh is more explicit when she describing sex scenes and the visit to the sex club - the Orchid Club than other authors have been.  I enjoyed this book, it's a busy book, detailing the influences and experiences that have shaped the characters, especially  Cassandra, the poverty and crime that is seen as the norm in parts of working class London, how being abandoned by your mother and father dying etc all combine to make this book an enjoyable, fast paced read.

I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for a honest review. I am a #MillsAndBoonInsider #netgalley #fromduketodawn

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