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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Healing Chakra Bracelet: A Review

I bought this bracelet from Etsy UK seller SoulCafeConnect. It cost £4 plus £1.50 p&p. It is a healing chakra bracelet and the stones are: amethyst; sodalite; peridot; citrine; garnet;aquamarine and carnelian. It is a one size fits all bracelet so is slightly to large for my small wrists, but I like it. The stones are smaller chips than my other chakra bracelet so it doesn't get in the way so I can wear it all the time. It brightens up dark winter work wear and can be spun around so different stones are on show so it looks like you a wearing a different bracelet. 
The customer service and delivery were great. I got it within 3 days of ordering and it came in a little organza vag and was packed in a Jiffy bag. Obviously semi precious stones are no replacement for medical treatment and this is stated in her item detail. The bracelet is meant for spiritual support not replace your Doctor's advice. I bought it as I liked the colour combination but if it helps me feel better that's an added bonus.


I bought this item myself and it can be found here: 

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