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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Soft Grip Derby Handle Ossenberg Walking Sticks: A Review

The height adjustable Ossenberg soft grip Derby handle walking stick comes in 19 colours and are either a metallic or a rather more Matt finish. I chose green, blackberry, metallic blackberry and metallic blue. They are adjustable up to 9 times inn length from 75cm to 92 cm. They are £29.95 plus £3.95 postage. Delivery took around 3 weeks. 

I wanted to try these sticks as my hands have been really stiff and I have found it problematic to grip the plasticky Derby handles of my other sticks. I have tiny hands and I found the Derby shaped handle easy to grip. It is quite soft and a bit squishy and doesn't feel cold to the touch as they can do when it is cold. 
I especially liked the colour and texture of the metallic sticks. Even though they look quite dull in the pictures in the sunlight they looked a bit glittery.  They are quite heavy and substantial sticks- I am used to collapsible sticks and I could feel the difference. They weigh 440 grams. 

I liked the overall aesthetic of these sticks, the colours, the gold banding around the top of the walking stick down to the gold adjustable studs, furrule and handle all fitted together showing that whoever had designed them didn't just see them as a functional piece of equipment but something that should look stylish as well as fulfil a function. In the Amazon description they state that "many people see their walking stick as a piece of jewellery and this walking stick fits the bill" .

I really like this range of sticks, there are lots of colours to choose from, it looks stylish and expensive, there are so many colours that they can be matched with the suit etc you are wearing and I felt secure when using it. 
I purchased my sticks from Amazon UK and they are available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00KCZ37UI/ref=sr_ph_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1481660000&sr=1&keywords=green+walking+stick


  1. I love that you cover a trendy walking stick. I'm 39 and have 2 sticks and hate that they are dull and black. I want something more fun!

    1. Thank you do much for the feedback. I have found lots more fun , sparkly and stylish walking sticks to feature in the new year - the next one will be cats and dogs ! & I will be doing a walking stick giveaway too - not black or boring!