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Friday, 9 February 2018

Featheroak Jewellery

Featheroak reopened today so I thought I would post my review of the two lucky dip items I purchased from the online store just before Christmas.  

Featheroak is an online jewellery store run by Alexandra Jackson.  She designs and makes all the jewellery herself.  Her design aesthetic is premised around raw crystals, nature and the creation of delicate jewellery using items such as sea glass, shells and raw crystals that she has collected with her mum.  The stones that she has not collected herself she has sourced from ethically sound mines that she purchases directly from, ensuring that the stones are high quality and they are from a reputable source.  She uses stones that you would not see in "traditional" jewellery shops which makes her designs all the more unique. 

I love the fact that all her jewellery looks raw, understated, elegant and unique. I purchased 2 lucky dip copper ring and got a herkimer diamond copper ring and a raw emerald copper ring (£10 each).  I liked that you couldn't choose which stones/designs you recieved.  I got stones that I would never chosen myself and I reallly like them. They are supposed to be slightly seconds but I cannot seee anything wrong with them.  They came in a little hessian bag with a card stating which stones had been used.

I am slightly jealous of Alexandra Jackson - she designs and makes jewellery in a style that I would also choose, if I had her talent and eye for putting together unusual stones and simple yet quirky yet timeless designs, but I don't.  I will just have to keep an eye on her store instead. 

I purchased these items myself. 

Available: Featheroak

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