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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mallzee: Under £100 Wish List


Fashion Week February 2017 snuck under the fashion and beauty radar this year, so being fashionably late (as usual) this is a post about what I would have worn if I had been invited.  Maybe next year there will be a seat in the FROW just for me!  This post is in association with Mallzee, putting together an outfit that could be worn at Fashion Week for under £100,  but first, a bit about the App itself.

Established in 2012 by Cally Russell,  Mallzee is an online shopping experience that is a portal to a variety of fashion and accessory stores which include Boohoo, Zara, Monsoon, All Saints and French Connection.  Available as a free App for both Apple and Android devices you shop directly from the App, swiping left or right or click on the cross or heart to make your selection. . 

The app is easy to navigate allowing you to search by colour, item, price, size, brand or item name. You can track purchases, adjust your sizing profile so you see only the sizes you want to see when selecting categories and compete only one check out even if you have made purchases from lots of shops.  You can sign up to be notified if an item you like has been reduced in price, 

You earn credit with every referral that that makes a purchase - you get £5 credit and they get £5 off their first purchase over £5.   My code is JOANG139.

Shopping Apps like Mallzee are great for people who do not like going out, have a disability that prevents them going out or just if you have not got time to trawl around shops.  There is a whole virtual online shopping centre at your finger tips and you can browse with a drink in your hand whilst sitting comfortably on your settee in your pjs.


I enjoyed the Mallzee shopping experience whilst selecting my wishlist, it really is the Tinder of the online fashion world and just as with the dating App I really should be more choosy when making my selection as I had to whittle down a huge list.  I went for a lavender, grey and black palette as I thought the lavender would warm up the grey and black.  All the items I chose could be taken into Spring/ Summer and I especially like the Victoriana style jumper from River Island as it can be worn with so many different outfits.

Happy Shopping!!

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