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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Z for Accessorize Zodiac Pendant

Z for Accessorize have brought out a Zodiac range of pendants that are gold plated and studded with cubic zirconia (12.99). The gold appears brushed matte or shiny, depending upon the light. The design feature I like most about this range (apart from the price) is the fact that it doesn't matter which side is on show as both are equally pretty and eyecatching. 

The pendant is well thought out with a design on both sides and is reasonably priced considering zodiac jewellery is here to stay for 2017. As with all Z jewellery the necklace has a built in extender, the little Z tag and comes on a swing tag. It is tactile and one of my friends who is partially sighted enjoyed the feel of the pendant as she could imagine what the Capricorn star constellation would look like once she had felt it.  The chain is easy to fasten as the jump rings are quite large and the clasp is sturdy and easy to grip.  This range hasn't appeared online yet (I got mine instore in Accessorize Piccadilly Train Station Manchester. It's a shame that matching earrings, ear crawlers, rings etc haven't been brought out but generally it appears the Z for Accessorize range doesn't stand out any more as an upmarket, higher end Accessorize range. Online it's section has merged with the sterling silver range and there is very little semi prescious stone jewellery available, which was what made it stand out, as it looked expensive and lux but at an affordable price point. 

I purchased this item instore and the Zodiac pendants are available at Accesorize stores that stock Z for Accessorize jewellery.

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