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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Mills & Boon: Italian Bachelors

Mills and Boon 3 in 1 books are a great, money saving way of purchasing their books.  The books are normally around £4.99 but can sometimes be found on Amazon UK or their own website for 99p ish. They are sometimes to be found in book bundles as well, which are great to download for holidays.

Italian Bachelors contains three books by Lynne Graham, Cathy Williams and Leanne Banks.  All of have been published as stand alone books so it is worth checking that you haven't read it before, before you purchase.  

Ravelli's Defiant Bride by Lynne Graham focuses upon Cristo Ravelli clearing up his deceased father's mistakes which included several children.  Belle Brophy is the children's half sister. He marries her to avoid dragging the Ravelli name through scandal.  This book focuses on him coming to terms with the fact that not all women are terrible and her falling in love with him.

Enthralled by Moretti by Cathy Williams is about Alessandro Moretti reuniting with elusive lawyer Chase Evans. He blackmails her in to sleeping with him and then makes the cardinal error of wanting more. She, however, is still elusive, hiding behind lots of secrets.

The Playboy's Proposal by Leanne Banks - Michael Medici sees Bella working as a cocktail waitress.  After one amazing night together  she realises that he has just acquired her family's business, he says that he will return it to them if she becomes his no strings attached mistress.

These three books are all great reads and are a great introduction to the Mills and Boon genre.

As I belong to the #millsandbooninsiders I got this book for free to review from NetGalley.  This does not effect my review.

Available from:
Amazon UK
Mills & Boon Website

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