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Friday, 8 June 2018

Book Review: Marooned With The Millionaire by Nina Milne

Marooned with the Millionaire is written by Nina Milne and published by Mills & Boon  True Love.  As mentioned in a previous blog post the heroines are independent, relatable and strong characters whilst the heros are reliable, dependable and worthy of the heroine's love.

April Fotherington is a journalist who has been commissioned to shadow and write an article about  royal chief adviser, Marcus Alrikson. Stranded on a candlelit thunderstruck desert island the sparks fly, but will the relationship continue when they are back to normality?

Marooned is a bit of a stretch as they were only on the deserted island for one list filled night.  There was so much more Milne could have done with the characters, filling in the gaps. The characters didn't really seem to know or connect with each other before they fell in to bed.  Both characters have made choices that adversely affect others and as a consequence neither Marcus nor April feel worthy of being in "love". Milne skims over this when these details could have added depth to the storyline.  She has built the skeleton of a good read but it needs to be taken one step further to make it a great read. It is an okay read but I wouldn't rush to reread it.

I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for a honest review. I am a #MillsAndBoonInsider #netgalley #maroonedwiththemillionaire 


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