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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Revlon Perfectionist 2 in 1 Dryer

I have used a Babyliss hot brush hair dryer for years but it sadly died. Scouring Amazon I found the Revlon Perfectionist 2 in 1 dryer (£49.99, currently on offer for £26.95 and free delivery with Prime). 

I prefer using a hot brush hair dryer as they have long handles and as I cannot reach above my chin with my hands I couldn't reach the top of m head with a "normal" hair dryer. The Revlon dryer, because of the long handle allows me to dry my hair myself rather than asking someone to dry the back/ top of my hair for me if I feel well enough. If someone is drying my hair for me it takes less effort as they just brush it through my hair a few times and it's done.

The paddle brush, which is where the heat comes out is padded, has flexible tangle free bristles and massaging ball tips, so doesn't scratch my scalp or feel too uncomfortable. Due to lack of coordination I can't brush and hold a dryer to do even the bottom part of my hair so the paddle brush is great as it  is quite large, covers a large part of my scalp and leaves my hair looking groomed and straight but not poker straight.

Heat wise there are 2 heat settings and a cool shot.  It has an ionic conditioning ioniser which eliminates static and ensures your hair is smooth.  It also has a tangle free swivel cord.

I found it quite easy to use, although the switch was stiff for the first few uses.  It did half the time it takes to dry/style my hair as claimed on the box. My hair looked groomed and frizz free. It is a great hair dryer for anyone with coordination, certain spinal problems or spatial awareness issues.  As someone who has to ask for help a lot, it is great that the long handled design and the paddle brush mean that I can dry my hair myself and have some independence.

I purchased this item myself.

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