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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Wet Brushes

Due to long term medication, the texture of my hair has changed.  Before I had to have Duralgesic morphine patches my hair was poker straight and easy to manage.   Now my hair is coarse, wavy and a lot harder to detangle.  I cannot use a tangle teazer as I cannot reach the top or back of my head without a decent brush handle.

The detangling and shine brush has soft and flexible intelliflex bristles which makes the detangling process painfree and easy to do.  The brush can be used on wet and dry har and also on extensions and wigs.  The brush does not seem to snag on my waist length hair but glides through a lot easier than other brushes I have tried.  It does make my hair my hair shinier.  

 I use the paddle brush to brush my hair when I have just washed it as the bristles are wider apart than the detangling brush.  I then use the detangler to go over and smooth and finish detangling my hair. Like the detangler the paddle brush has intelliflex bristles, The soft tips make the bristles glide through without snagging and hurting my sensitive scalp.  The soft tips massage the scalp stimuating circulation of the hair follicle.   

 The lil' lovin hairbrush is a cute, handbag size wet brush. It has the same intelliflex bristles as the larger versions and is freat for travel or just to pop in your bag for use on the go.  

 I got the key chain version via eBay. It is a fun little brush, great for shorter hair or fringes but its not much use for my waist long hair, it does brush though and I use it to target and detangle big knots or tidy up the end of my plait. 

 This nifty little item is designed to clean all hair from your wt brush (it can be used with other brushes, hair dryer filters, shavers and razors).  I just swipe down through the bristles with it and all the hair is pulled out from my brush.  It doesn't just pull out the hair from the brush but also sweeps away any gunk from the base of the bristles.

I love all my wet brushes and would not use anything else. I have a tried a lot of different brands at different price points but I find that Wet brushes do not hurt my sensitive scalp and that they detangle rather than just  skin over or rip out knots of hair!

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