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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Walking Stick Review: Charles Buyers' Handbag Walking Stick in Black


I purchased the handbag sized folding walking stick in black from the Stick & Cane shop for £22.95 plus P&P.  I chose this stick as it has 5 sections rather than the usual 4. This means that it is just the right height for me once one of the sections is removed and it is small enough to fit in my handbag. The stick is lightweight - 300g and easily snaps into place and easily folds up to be stored in the pouch.  The length of the stick before I had it adjusted was 82cm - 90cm and can be adjusted in 2.5cm increments and length when folded before my adjustments was 24cm.  It can be stored in the pouch it comes in and comes with a matching wrist strap.   

The handle is wooden and a matte black, the stick itself a more patent black with a gilt trim.  It is an elegant, comfortable stick.  I purchased it from the Stick & Cane shop.  I normally purchase my walking sticks from there as they have quite a wide range, They will advise if it is possible to adapt a particular stick to my height and are always quick to respond to emails.

I purchased this item myself.
Available here: Stick & Cane Shop

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